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150th Anniversary of Italian Unification

Nell'ambito di ESPERIENZA ITALIA 150


IMMAGINE&POESIA, the artistic literary movement founded in Italy in 2007, is going to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification with all the artists and poets who want to send their contributions.

(link: http://www.italia150.it/150-Anniversario)

The American poet LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, who is in the HONOUR COMMITTEE of the Movement, has sent this poem as an emblem of FREEDOM for all peoples.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
A cock cried out in my sleep
         somewhere in Middle America
                      to awake the Middle Mind
                                                          of America
And the cock cried out
               to awake me to see
                              a sea of birds
                                       flying over me
                                                   across America
And there were birds of every color
                 black birds & brown birds  
                      & yellow birds & red birds 
                              from the lands of every 
                                      liberation movement          
And all these birds circled the earth
        and flew over every great nation
                     and over fortress America
                                     with its great eagle
                                         and its thunderbolts
And all the birds cried out with one voice
      the voice of those who have no voice
      the voice of the invisibles of the world
  the voice of the dispossessed of the world
             the fellaheen peoples of earth
And which side are you on
                                                sang the birds
       Oh which side are you on
                         in the Third World War
                 the war against the Third World?
(published with permission of Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

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